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There are many changes taking place in the Long Term Care and Disability Insurance industries these days. The information comes from many different sources, and it can be quite confusing at times to put all the pieces together and make sense of it all. At NJLTC we send out several email newsletters , "Blasts" as we call them, a month. We keep our clients, brokers, and producers informed of all the relevant news, topics, and product updates that take place in our industry. Feel free to browse our archive of Blasts and News articles.


July News & Update Jul 3, 2018

Wow..halfway through the year already, boy did that go fast. In this issue we cover the Life/LTC product debate.

First, a little announcement:
NJLTC will be closed for business Wednesday July 4, 2018 for Independence day. We will resume normal hours on July 5th, and 6th.

Next an entertaining piece an insured actually sent me after buying an LTC policy for his wife. It made me chuckle a bit and I hope you enjoy it also...
Read it here

Now, to the meat of the matter, the two articles attached:

shed some light on the Hybrid Product vs. Traditional LTC discussion.

As The LTC and Life Insurance industry tackle the large and looming LTC crisis coming in our country, the hybrid life products have been designed to address the biggest objections to buying LTC:
  • What if I never use it?
  • What if there is a rate increase in the future?
Simply put, I think it is important to look at both options, the hybrid and the traditional LTC products. Personal financial situation and preference will direct you to one product or the other. Unfortunately, there are no simple answers when looking at the financial burden LTC could present in your future. It is important to plan for this possible eventuality no matter which product you choose.

Additional information for your review READ MORE

DI Market Survey & Ohio National Offering Jun 1, 2018

May was "Disability Awareness Month" and as it draws to a close we have more information for you. First up, a couple of housekeeping items:
Reminder - From Memorial Day to Labor Day, NJLTC office will close at 3pm on Fridays.

Ohio National is a player! - Read this
Own OCC Brochure while outlines their state of the art contracts and competitive pricing.

We have also included the full "2017 Annual Survey of the U.S. Individual Disability Income Insurance Market" - This annual publication tracks trends within the individual DI industry. Take some time to explore this study and look through it's various componets and sections. Here are some of the highlights:

  • New IDI premium increased by 1.3% in 2016, as compared to 5.7% in 2015
  • Employer sponsored multi-life DI made up 42% of the entire DI marketplace
  • Florida and California are the most common states to have premium surcharges
  • Doctors / Surgeons make up 30% of the DI marketplace
  • BOE and Buyout premiums only made up 5.7% of all DI premium sold
  • Guaranteed renewable DI made up 18% of the entire DI marketplace
  • Issue and participation percentages have increased steadily over the past 3 years

This just scratches the surface. This is a must-read report for anyone who is involved in the DI market. GSI DI - the opportunities are there for you, we are here to support you. READ MORE