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There are many changes taking place in the Long Term Care and Disability Insurance industries these days. The information comes from many different sources, and it can be quite confusing at times to put all the pieces together and make sense of it all. At NJLTC we send out several email newsletters , "Blasts" as we call them, a month. We keep our clients, brokers, and producers informed of all the relevant news, topics, and product updates that take place in our industry. Feel free to browse our archive of Blasts and News articles.


New & Improved Website Feb 15, 2018

As we head in to the new year, and the changing weather, there are some other changes taking place that we want to make you aware of. At NJLTC we recognize that the industry is moving towards a digital, electronic format and work flow. We have sent out several articles and news pieces that document this transition and explain the changes as they take place. Carriers have e-apps (or electronic applications) available in most cases now. Digital files, PDFs and electronic signatures are replacing the hard copy, paper and ink signatures that have been a staple of this marketplace for so long.

We are transitioning to electronic documents and work flow as well. This is not going to happen over-night, for us, or the industry. It is a lengthy and involved process to ensure continuity of service, products, and support. With these things in mind, as we extend our services and support in to the digital domain, we want to ensure that our product and client support to you, our brokers, continues to improve.

As we move forward, extending and expanding our support, it is important for our website to remain a valuable resource for you in your sales efforts. To this end, you will notice that changes will continue to take place online, and we encourage feedback. It is our intent to be 'value-added' to your efforts. Some of the things you will find in place as of now are:

  • Download available applications for all companies in NJ, NY and more
  • Blasts and news articles - A complete archive of the last 12 calendar months containing all fo our updates, articles, and blasts
  • Industry website and resource links - We don't have all the answers, but we know where to find them
  • Marketing materials - Various product brochures and pamphlets to assist in the sales and support efforts
There are additional items currently being developed, and we will notify you as we roll them out. Again this is an on-going process, and the scope is to provide superior support service to you. If you have any questions, comments, or issues, please contact us, so we may address them. READ MORE