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There are many changes taking place in the Long Term Care and Disability Insurance industries these days. The information comes from many different sources, and it can be quite confusing at times to put all the pieces together and make sense of it all. At NJLTC we send out several email newsletters , "Blasts" as we call them, a month. We keep our clients, brokers, and producers informed of all the relevant news, topics, and product updates that take place in our industry. Feel free to browse our archive of Blasts and News articles.


Moving Through May May 28, 2020

While May remains “Disability Awareness Month” it is time to talk long term care in this blast. We have pieces from several carriers as well as a couple of industry articles to keep you up to date. Take some time to review the following items:


Disability Awareness Month May 11, 2020

May is here and hopefully warm weather will send the Covid-19 virus away permanently, if not for a few months. Cara, Dennis, and I look forward to visiting each of you to go over the vast and ever changing landscape in both the LTC/LTC Hybrid and disability marketplaces. Keep touching base at to find the latest happening in the NJLTC marketplace section. Today’s blast covers a variety of topics from Nationwide Care Matters increase (Securian, Pac Life, and Lincoln are all likely to announce similar increases in the near future as well) to info from the Council of Disability Awareness for May, as it is “Disability Insurance Awareness Month”.

  • Nationwide Care Matters will be repricing on May 11th. Please see the attached
  • May is Disability awareness month. Please see this brochure from the Council for disability awareness on the importance of disability coverage.
  • Lloyd’s special risk coverage. NJLTC continues to provide multiple options to help you address clients needing high limit, entertainment, sports, and special risk health cases. Please see the attached piece from IDU.
  • Lloyd’s has also announced the following options for Medical exams:
    • Option 1 - Paramed Exam & Lab
      Examiners are equipped with (PPE) Personal Protection Equipment:
      Examiners are required to wear gloves.
      Examiners are required to wear long sleeves, long pants, closed-toe shoes or scrubs.
      Examiners are required to wear facial protection that protects eyes, nose and mouth.
    • Option 2 - Previously Completed Exam & Lab
      Copies of a paramed exam and lab that were previously completed within the last 6 months.
    • Option 3 - MD Exam & Lab
      Applicant's primary care physician may complete the exam and lab - contact our office for forms and reimbursement options for the exam and lab.
    • Option 4 - Conditional Binder Subject to Exam & Lab
      Upon receipt of a fully completed application, a conditional binder for Accident & Sickness with a full pre-existing condition exclusion can be offered for coverage for up to 60 days. Should underwriting not be completed in that 60-day time period, including but not limited to exam, lab, and medical records, the conditional binder will be canceled flat from inception.
    • Option 5 - Accident Only Coverage No Exam & Lab
      Subject to satisfactory fully completed application.
  • Finally we leave you with disability insurance awareness materials from Principal
Lets hope the weather continues to improve and all of use remain safe and well. Than you for your support especially in these difficult times. READ MORE